About Dramatized!


Thanks for visiting the Dramatized Then Sing website.  I am honored that you have chosen to take a look.  If you’ve ever been in a dramatizing situation or if you are currently in a dramatizing situation I trust this project will be instrumental in taking you to a place where you can become

I like you have had a number of dramatizing situations in my life; however I’ve learned over the years one of the ways to rid myself of drama is to SING MY WAY OUT OF IT.

This project is a compilation of my life experiences; the pain, the joy, the defeat and the victories.  It is also my way of sharing my spirituality; my reality and how I have coped with drama over the years.  I have diligently worked on this project for (4) years.  It has been a real pleasure creating it and more than a pleasure to share it with you.  Please share the site with others.


Donna has always been a “Giver” and a person who strongly believes in family and community. Her Father (Vern Warfield) was the catalyst that planted the seed in her heart to be a “Giver”. He was highly visible in the community, a man who loved family and a lifetime member of the Pennington-Moye VFW Post #9251. A few of the project initiatives this project will assist in financially supporting are:

The Pennington-Moye
VFW Post #9251
Rochester, NY

The William Warfield Scholarship Fund

International Breakthrough Ministries
Barbara Wentroble
Dallas, TX

The Mike Glenn Foundation
Mike Glenn (Retired NBA Player)

If you are interested in partnering with Donna to raise funds to support your initiatives contact Kim Dildy PR/Administrator or contact Donna.  

Please allow up to 5 days for the office to follow up with you.

Thank You!!!!!

Four (4) people who have put their stamps on my life.  They were used as instruments to assist in molding me into the woman I have become.  I am grateful and thankful to God that he chose them to assist in molding me.

This project is in Memory of:

My Dad – the late Vern Warfield; a World War II Vet; an outstanding community leader and a lifetime member of Pennington Moye VFWPost #9251 – Rochester, New York

My Uncle – the late Dr. William Caesar Warfield; a renowned American Concert/Bass Baritone Singer and Actor who was globally known for his rendition of Ol’ Man River and his 1984 Grammy Award in the “Spoken Word” category for his outstanding narration of Aaron Copland’s Lincoln Portrait accompanied by the Eastman Philharmonia Orchestra – www.williamwarfield.org

In Honor of:

My Mom, My Friend and My Confidant – Mary Frances Warfield; a devoted Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

My Atlanta Dad, a man full of wisdom and integrity Mr. Ralph Norwood; affectionately known as “Papa”.